Friday, April 2, 2010

Dark Dessert Memories

This is origianlly supposed to be a contest entry for this. However, I don't have a camera of my own and I am not allowed anywhere near our oven. If only this was my house, I'd be baking up a storm!

Speaking of my house back in Hong Kong.. I used to bake almost everyday before I had to come here to the Philippines. The first thing I made were cookies, then creampuffs. I loved my creampuffs. Loved them to bits! I would invite my friends to bake with me. Good fun. The best compliment came from my dad, "These are better than Beard Papa's*!"

*Beard Papa is a company that sells cream puffs. I don't really believed that mine were better, because I always loved Beard Papa's cream puffs, but still.. It made me blush.

Before cream puffs, I made cookies. My first cookie inspiration came from the Cupcake Project. The latest post was about cookie dough without eggs, which is perfect for eating raw. I made this recipe, thinking that "Well, this is nice, maybe I can make eggless cookies! Aren't those healthy?"


The dough looked my type. Caramel brown, studded with chocolate chips.. I was thinking this would be successful! Until I popped them into the oven. When they came out, they were pale pale white. The cookie itself had a very weird sweet taste to it. The chocolate chips overpowered the cookie, giving a bitter aftertaste.

And the texture.. Oh the texture. It was horrifying. It tasted like.. Like.. Like Hopia!

Not saying Hopia is bad - I like hopia, crumbly bites, sweet fillings.. But I'm baking cookies! They're supposed to be crunchy in the edges, chewy in the center, sweet and flavourful!

My mom helped me later, the cookies tasted much sweeter, but I couldn't get past that hopia texture.. Ugh.. *shivers*

Oh well.. That's past now. I've made better cookies after. ;w;

- Niki

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