Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh dear..

I've neglected this blog. Left it for ten days. Someone slap me. D:

It probably because I was slacking. To other people, I say that I was busy trying to do my bird homework.. But instead I was really slacking.

Now I'm working my butt on it. And a monkey homework too.

No one told me that we had to draw four fucking monkeys! No one! Then I heard the teacher texted a person to spread the word about the homework, leaving me in despair. I know my 'friends' know my number. I know it very well. If they didn't, then they could have told me in Yahoo or MSN or even tell it to my face.

But no. Not a word. And on the day (yesterday) of handing in homeworks, the teacher asked me about my monkeys. No monkeys. :(

This sucks. My dad was right. There are no such things as friends in college. One goes seperate ways. There's no point in making friends anymore when you are all competing against each other or work in different stations.

No such thing. Ever. I even lost a good old friend, whom I had since highschool. Ever since college started, we became distant. It was awkward when we talked. He befriended other people.

I feel really left alone.. But who cares? No one. Me neither. I'll just work, work and work. I'll show their asses. I'll show them all..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This is dumb..

Very dumb.

Why am I not doing homework? Am I afraid to do it? Dammit.. It's to be passed this Friday.. Then again, I heard there's a holiday on that day.. Hope it hits.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Start of the week

Oh god, it's Monday already and I NEED to get to work on that bird drawing! They're due this week on Friday and I didn't touch it. I must be really intimidated... I'll get to work on them tomorrow - when I'm home earlier than today.. I hope..

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Those moments

There are those moments when I sometimes feel girly again. Sure, I'm a girl, but I'm not into dressing up and making myself look pretty. I'll be very truthful here: I'm an overweight teenager with the largest legal breast size an asian would have. The breast thing is as bad as my weight - I mean what the hell are they going to look like when I get pregnant?! Sunken little things they'll be for sure.

Back to being girly. I wouldn't call it girly, but there are times when I want to be in the kitchen. Whipping up sweet pastries like cookies and cupcakes and decorating them until they were fit for a little princess. I can imagine it already.. A vanilla cupcake base with a big fluffy swirl of vanilla buttercream (or whipcream), and a sprinkle of rainbow hundreds and thousands. Or a red velvet cupcake with smooth creamcheese icing and sprinkled with tiny red dots.

I love red velvet cake.

This feeling makes me want to take up a pastry baking course. Sadly, I'm stuck to being an animator - and there's no coming back. If I give up now, my one year of being a student would go to waste. Makes me want to cry...

Speaking of animation, I need to get back to my homework. I have to draw four different kinds of birds - all in color pencils! Oh the horror.. All due this friday, and my grades ride on it!

That pastry baking course doesn't sound like a bad idea after all.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dark Dessert Memories

This is origianlly supposed to be a contest entry for this. However, I don't have a camera of my own and I am not allowed anywhere near our oven. If only this was my house, I'd be baking up a storm!

Speaking of my house back in Hong Kong.. I used to bake almost everyday before I had to come here to the Philippines. The first thing I made were cookies, then creampuffs. I loved my creampuffs. Loved them to bits! I would invite my friends to bake with me. Good fun. The best compliment came from my dad, "These are better than Beard Papa's*!"

*Beard Papa is a company that sells cream puffs. I don't really believed that mine were better, because I always loved Beard Papa's cream puffs, but still.. It made me blush.

Before cream puffs, I made cookies. My first cookie inspiration came from the Cupcake Project. The latest post was about cookie dough without eggs, which is perfect for eating raw. I made this recipe, thinking that "Well, this is nice, maybe I can make eggless cookies! Aren't those healthy?"


The dough looked my type. Caramel brown, studded with chocolate chips.. I was thinking this would be successful! Until I popped them into the oven. When they came out, they were pale pale white. The cookie itself had a very weird sweet taste to it. The chocolate chips overpowered the cookie, giving a bitter aftertaste.

And the texture.. Oh the texture. It was horrifying. It tasted like.. Like.. Like Hopia!

Not saying Hopia is bad - I like hopia, crumbly bites, sweet fillings.. But I'm baking cookies! They're supposed to be crunchy in the edges, chewy in the center, sweet and flavourful!

My mom helped me later, the cookies tasted much sweeter, but I couldn't get past that hopia texture.. Ugh.. *shivers*

Oh well.. That's past now. I've made better cookies after. ;w;

- Niki

Oh hi.

I just came back from my trip to Tagaytay with the family, an overnight stay. There was absolutely NO internet in the resort. Seriously, I half died, but swimming around a lot and cable TV made the wound feel better. Therefore, today, I'll be making two blog posts.

Tagaytay was awesome! For one night, I was able to find solace in the cold night air, which you don't get here in Cavite. Our room was blasted with cold cold wind from the aircon, making it feel like I was in Hong Kong once again. The hotel didn't give us blankets, which was bad service, but my coat did the job.

The half the day, I went swimming. I think I got a tan after that, but I was told I looked fine. Tans go away after a while, right? I hope they do - I rather have my natural milky complexion.

After that we played Pinoy Henyo, a game where you have to guess a word, asking yes or no questions to your friends and they can only say 'yes', 'no or 'maybe'. I didn't get to win my word, since I was just asking all the wrong questions (the word was 'cake'). My favourite game we played of all was Charades (sp?). It was fun acting!

We were supposed to watch a movie after and have a bible study, but I got super exhausted. It was only 8 pm too! I just went to bed, thinking a nice rest for my muscles will do the trick.. I just fell asleep.

And I slept like a log! I woke up at 9 am. Count those hours. I slept for a whopping thirteen hours. Was I really that tired? What did I do?!

I went swimming after breakfast the next day and I stupidly swallowed some pool water. It was disgusting! The water was littered with insects and plastic things that are not supposed to be there! I could feel my stomach getting furious at me..

Anyway, I just recently saw this little competition about posting up your dark dark dessert memories.. I'll write about that later!

- Niki

(Oh god, I haven't even done my homework for four bird drawings! It's due this Friday!)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


There's always a rainbow after a dark rainy day, I say. After yesterday's check up with the doctor and given the right medicine - I feel better already! I'm making fast progress as today my tummy didn't hurt at least once! ^^ I feel happy~

Another good thing is that my cell phone got better as well. See, two weeks ago (or was it just one?), I cried my eyes out that most of my tears seeped into it's poor circuit and made it black out. I got it back from the technician and now he's good as new!

Also, today, I learned about a new foodie website: Serious Eats. I'm still trying to get familiar with it since it seems to be a worldwide thing.. I'm not sure - but still! I'm starting to fall in love with it. It's a really good looking website, and has all the articles I like! I have three tabs of it in Firefox, waiting to be read.

Since I can't wait to read them, I'll end my post here now. Wait for my next post tomorrow!

- Niki

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After the Doctor

I had my check up yesterday with the doctor of our school since my guardians weren't anywhere near telling me when I'm gonna get my own check up. I had an ultrasound so they can see what was hiding in my belly that was causing all the problems.

However, there wasn't anything serious. I just had hyper acidity and I just had to take some medicines to keep it down. It should go away soon..

- Niki

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still very very sick..

How can this be? It's been three days already? Screw you, Pringles, what have you done to me?! This is food poisoning already! My tummy cries in pain and my head is going numb from the screams. My weekend was wasted and I even tried endless hours of napping and flopping over to get the gas out of my stomach. It's too much..

I need medicine. My grandma has been giving me ointments and pain killers only so far - but I want it to end it all by tonight. I'm in such deep deep pain.. I can't hold it anymore. I take regular trips to the bathroom and looked like I was have a diarhea problem, but my faeces are normal. I have no problem peeing. The pain is usually at my upper tummy. Hopefully, just writing down my pain will make this sickness go away.

God, if there's anyone reading my blog, please write down what I should do! T^T Don't you dare say this is 'gas-pains'. It's been 3 friggin' days already!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


My tummy pains was so bad, that I slept early yesterday that I couldn't post. T^T I am NEVER going to touch those seaweed flavoured Pringles EVER again. They turned my poop green!

I just had a nap 4 hours ago, and I feel better. Nope wait, I felt my tummy gurgle. Sigh, my tummy better make up it's mind T^T It's been three days! I want to get better! Plus, I need to do my homework for Life Drawing. I won't do homework until I feel better. This homework needs to be done in my good mood so I can get a better grade.

What do you think? I have a painful tummy and a bad headache. Time to time, I crave a snack, but I'm much to scared to put something in my mouth for fear I might throw up.


Thursday, March 25, 2010


This really sucks - I just suddenly felt sick since this morning. Achey head, churning stomach.. I probably ate something wrong. It might be those Seaweed flavoured Pringles. They made my poop go green!

As much I would love to blog right now - I feel really bad right now. I even have to finish my horse homework. Oh the pain..

- Niki

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This stuff is due this Friday, and I'm not even close to finishing it. I've already sketched and line-art'd two out of four horses for my Life Drawing homework for my Animation course. I have one more horse to draw and one zebra - and it's already killing me.

I love drawing animals. I find them more interesting to draw than humans. But oh, dear Horse, why must you be so hard to draw? Your rippling muscles as you run through the fields, the many stripes on your back as a zebra - Oh why is it so so hard? I found the donkey easier to draw - as the reference I found was covered in a thick coat of fuzzy fur!

Yes, this might be the problem - Drawing creatures with fur or feathers is more easier for me than drawing animals with scales or bare skin. Hence my drawings for dragons, dinosaurs and humans got a rather embarrassing grade.

I remembered drawing cats for our homework. It was all done in a few days! I love cats! I'm a cat-lover, and no surprise as I own one siamese kitten. We used to own two handsome siamese cats, but one was catnapped in the middle of the night and the other was roadkilled.

God Bless them both. I miss them so much.

Which is why I give our new kitten extra extra love. Now it thinks I'm it's mother and it mewls everytime I pass by him. This is a bit hard because he follows me - even when I have to go to school. I have to distract him like giving him a treat or asking someone to pin him down. He WILL chase me if he notices that I'm leaving.

Back to the horses. Our teacher for Life Drawing is so demanding - even if our class was the 2nd best class (There's 1st best, 2nd best and 3rd best). We're not the awesome class, so he better try to loosen up. I really can't draw details to save my life. Stupid deadlines. Most of the time, he'd ask us to draw 6 animals in a week! A week! And with this tight schedule, and with two days in my week that sends me home at 6 in the evening, how was I supposed to cope up?

Lucky he just gave us four animals for this week - but I'm already exhausted because of the dragons...

Oh well.. I better find some motivation so I can finish the other two horses..

- Niki

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shut that yap..

.. Or flies might buzz in.

Yesterday, our teacher just berzerked about yawning in class. I'm not sure whoever yawned - it could be me, but I would never knew and I usually never know I yawned in the first place, but this teacher needs to get some anger management classes.

She told us to do an exercise of calculating for C++ (Yes, this was computer class), when she suddenly asked us, "Tell me, was it allowed in highschool to yawn?". I would have said yes, since I studied in Hong Kong before college, my teachers never really minded about yawning in class. Maybe sleeping, but not yawning.

"Don't you know that yawning is f*cking rude?" she just said exploded at us. "And while your at it, who plays f*cking facebook in front of the teacher?" Here, I quietly closed my Firefox window. It wasn't Facebook, but I sure didn't want the teacher seeing it. How she knows that the others were playing facebook, it would be because of the tell-tale reflections behind us from the glass window. Thus she goes on about our pets in Pet Society don't die. If they do, then who cares? They're only virtual pixels, right?

As she pelted us with curses and complaints, the only thing that made us freeze in fear was the threat, "I should fail you all just so I can get respect here." And after that, she grabbed her things and left the I.T room.. Plus, we still had an hour and a half to go until the lesson finishes. She never came back either.

Now now, missy, Facebooking in class is bad, but yawning?

C'mon, that's almost like telling us not to breathe in your class. As I read from a scientific article (I have too much time in my hands), yawns come and go and you never know when they come or not. They usually come when we're still and calmed down. I'm sitting down right now, and I'm yawning as I type this blog. The whole class is sitting still and doing our best to keep quiet - of course we're going to yawn.

(Interestingly, scientists say that yawning helps the body get extra oxygen, but then I don't see atheletes yawn while the sprint across the field.)

In other words, yawning is as natural as farting and burping. It comes and goes, but not always. And it certainly doesn't mean that we're bored. It can't. Some of us might be tired. Some of us might be affected by that tired person's yawn.

What, you don't know? Yawns are contagious! If a person next to you yawns, most likely you'd yawn too. And that other person next to you yawns. And the next. And the next..

I'd tell that to her, but I'm merely a student. She could fail me if she wanted to - no matter how good my exam grades would be. Teachers with a grudge against students can fail them all, no matter how smart they are.

As for the Facebooking, I apologize for that. [sarcasm]It's just that I'm not risking letting my pets in Pet Society die. [/sarcasm]

- Niki

Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's 10:30 am here and I just arrived to school, while I wait for my friend in the library. I find libraries pleasant. Quiet. And full of people who gossip. The latter is the only thing that I don't like about this place. Actually, the whole school gossips. I hate it - since it seems that there's at least one person who's talking about you at this very moment.

Earlier, it wasn't so peaceful. I was sitting in the bus on my way to school and the person sitting next to me was obese. Fat. Gigantic. We were sitting on a 3-seat row, and he took up two seats. Being fat in the Philippines instantly gives you tags such as 'spoiled' or 'rich'.

This one happens to fit both those tags. There were numerous of times he tried to push my off my seat, saying something about that I'm taking too much space or I'm selfish. Dammit, I couldn't even sit anymore as my butt was clinging for it's dear life on the edge.

I hope karma will be my bitch today. I wanted to call names at him as I unboarded the bus, but I was too much of a coward. I wish I wasn't now; I want to get back at him and I want to be there to see my little revenge.

Oh well, as I said; Karma will be my bitch. Maybe at this very moment, like those who gossip, he might be getting a heart attack on that bus due to all that animal fat in his blood.

- Niki

First Post

I have many excuses to start writing my own blog.

Firstly, I envy those people who made cooking blogs. Many of them were successful and earned probably hundreds of fans. Take Bakerella or The Cupcake Project as an example. All the cooking blogs I've been to made me want to cook and to post my creations on my own blog. Sadly, I was not allowed to go near the stove (rules of the house).

Secondly, I wanted to improve my writing skills. I'm currently a freshman, who is about to graduate our very first year, so I can move on to second year college. I have no idea what they call second year college students, but I'll learn in time. I also need to be more effective on my essays in Communicational Arts, as the teacher once said I had WAY too many grammatical errors, or my essay was too dry.

I created many blogs in the past, ever since I was 12, but I was not so loyal to them. I just kept making a new one every month or year or so. I hope I'll be faithful to this one.

Another reason why I wanted to start a blog is probably because I want to reach out to other people around the world. Maybe there's someone I can relate to in my everyday life. Maybe I can make new friends through blogging like what those other successful blogs did. Maybe I might even be famous (I dream too much).

My goal here in this blog is that I would post one entry about my life everyday. Just one post. No more no less. No skipping too. If I do not abide to this, I might as well bop myself on the head. Why am I doing this?

Because I'm bored.

- Niki