Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh hi.

I just came back from my trip to Tagaytay with the family, an overnight stay. There was absolutely NO internet in the resort. Seriously, I half died, but swimming around a lot and cable TV made the wound feel better. Therefore, today, I'll be making two blog posts.

Tagaytay was awesome! For one night, I was able to find solace in the cold night air, which you don't get here in Cavite. Our room was blasted with cold cold wind from the aircon, making it feel like I was in Hong Kong once again. The hotel didn't give us blankets, which was bad service, but my coat did the job.

The half the day, I went swimming. I think I got a tan after that, but I was told I looked fine. Tans go away after a while, right? I hope they do - I rather have my natural milky complexion.

After that we played Pinoy Henyo, a game where you have to guess a word, asking yes or no questions to your friends and they can only say 'yes', 'no or 'maybe'. I didn't get to win my word, since I was just asking all the wrong questions (the word was 'cake'). My favourite game we played of all was Charades (sp?). It was fun acting!

We were supposed to watch a movie after and have a bible study, but I got super exhausted. It was only 8 pm too! I just went to bed, thinking a nice rest for my muscles will do the trick.. I just fell asleep.

And I slept like a log! I woke up at 9 am. Count those hours. I slept for a whopping thirteen hours. Was I really that tired? What did I do?!

I went swimming after breakfast the next day and I stupidly swallowed some pool water. It was disgusting! The water was littered with insects and plastic things that are not supposed to be there! I could feel my stomach getting furious at me..

Anyway, I just recently saw this little competition about posting up your dark dark dessert memories.. I'll write about that later!

- Niki

(Oh god, I haven't even done my homework for four bird drawings! It's due this Friday!)

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