Wednesday, March 31, 2010


There's always a rainbow after a dark rainy day, I say. After yesterday's check up with the doctor and given the right medicine - I feel better already! I'm making fast progress as today my tummy didn't hurt at least once! ^^ I feel happy~

Another good thing is that my cell phone got better as well. See, two weeks ago (or was it just one?), I cried my eyes out that most of my tears seeped into it's poor circuit and made it black out. I got it back from the technician and now he's good as new!

Also, today, I learned about a new foodie website: Serious Eats. I'm still trying to get familiar with it since it seems to be a worldwide thing.. I'm not sure - but still! I'm starting to fall in love with it. It's a really good looking website, and has all the articles I like! I have three tabs of it in Firefox, waiting to be read.

Since I can't wait to read them, I'll end my post here now. Wait for my next post tomorrow!

- Niki

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