Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still very very sick..

How can this be? It's been three days already? Screw you, Pringles, what have you done to me?! This is food poisoning already! My tummy cries in pain and my head is going numb from the screams. My weekend was wasted and I even tried endless hours of napping and flopping over to get the gas out of my stomach. It's too much..

I need medicine. My grandma has been giving me ointments and pain killers only so far - but I want it to end it all by tonight. I'm in such deep deep pain.. I can't hold it anymore. I take regular trips to the bathroom and looked like I was have a diarhea problem, but my faeces are normal. I have no problem peeing. The pain is usually at my upper tummy. Hopefully, just writing down my pain will make this sickness go away.

God, if there's anyone reading my blog, please write down what I should do! T^T Don't you dare say this is 'gas-pains'. It's been 3 friggin' days already!

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