Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Post

I have many excuses to start writing my own blog.

Firstly, I envy those people who made cooking blogs. Many of them were successful and earned probably hundreds of fans. Take Bakerella or The Cupcake Project as an example. All the cooking blogs I've been to made me want to cook and to post my creations on my own blog. Sadly, I was not allowed to go near the stove (rules of the house).

Secondly, I wanted to improve my writing skills. I'm currently a freshman, who is about to graduate our very first year, so I can move on to second year college. I have no idea what they call second year college students, but I'll learn in time. I also need to be more effective on my essays in Communicational Arts, as the teacher once said I had WAY too many grammatical errors, or my essay was too dry.

I created many blogs in the past, ever since I was 12, but I was not so loyal to them. I just kept making a new one every month or year or so. I hope I'll be faithful to this one.

Another reason why I wanted to start a blog is probably because I want to reach out to other people around the world. Maybe there's someone I can relate to in my everyday life. Maybe I can make new friends through blogging like what those other successful blogs did. Maybe I might even be famous (I dream too much).

My goal here in this blog is that I would post one entry about my life everyday. Just one post. No more no less. No skipping too. If I do not abide to this, I might as well bop myself on the head. Why am I doing this?

Because I'm bored.

- Niki

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