Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This stuff is due this Friday, and I'm not even close to finishing it. I've already sketched and line-art'd two out of four horses for my Life Drawing homework for my Animation course. I have one more horse to draw and one zebra - and it's already killing me.

I love drawing animals. I find them more interesting to draw than humans. But oh, dear Horse, why must you be so hard to draw? Your rippling muscles as you run through the fields, the many stripes on your back as a zebra - Oh why is it so so hard? I found the donkey easier to draw - as the reference I found was covered in a thick coat of fuzzy fur!

Yes, this might be the problem - Drawing creatures with fur or feathers is more easier for me than drawing animals with scales or bare skin. Hence my drawings for dragons, dinosaurs and humans got a rather embarrassing grade.

I remembered drawing cats for our homework. It was all done in a few days! I love cats! I'm a cat-lover, and no surprise as I own one siamese kitten. We used to own two handsome siamese cats, but one was catnapped in the middle of the night and the other was roadkilled.

God Bless them both. I miss them so much.

Which is why I give our new kitten extra extra love. Now it thinks I'm it's mother and it mewls everytime I pass by him. This is a bit hard because he follows me - even when I have to go to school. I have to distract him like giving him a treat or asking someone to pin him down. He WILL chase me if he notices that I'm leaving.

Back to the horses. Our teacher for Life Drawing is so demanding - even if our class was the 2nd best class (There's 1st best, 2nd best and 3rd best). We're not the awesome class, so he better try to loosen up. I really can't draw details to save my life. Stupid deadlines. Most of the time, he'd ask us to draw 6 animals in a week! A week! And with this tight schedule, and with two days in my week that sends me home at 6 in the evening, how was I supposed to cope up?

Lucky he just gave us four animals for this week - but I'm already exhausted because of the dragons...

Oh well.. I better find some motivation so I can finish the other two horses..

- Niki

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