Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shut that yap..

.. Or flies might buzz in.

Yesterday, our teacher just berzerked about yawning in class. I'm not sure whoever yawned - it could be me, but I would never knew and I usually never know I yawned in the first place, but this teacher needs to get some anger management classes.

She told us to do an exercise of calculating for C++ (Yes, this was computer class), when she suddenly asked us, "Tell me, was it allowed in highschool to yawn?". I would have said yes, since I studied in Hong Kong before college, my teachers never really minded about yawning in class. Maybe sleeping, but not yawning.

"Don't you know that yawning is f*cking rude?" she just said exploded at us. "And while your at it, who plays f*cking facebook in front of the teacher?" Here, I quietly closed my Firefox window. It wasn't Facebook, but I sure didn't want the teacher seeing it. How she knows that the others were playing facebook, it would be because of the tell-tale reflections behind us from the glass window. Thus she goes on about our pets in Pet Society don't die. If they do, then who cares? They're only virtual pixels, right?

As she pelted us with curses and complaints, the only thing that made us freeze in fear was the threat, "I should fail you all just so I can get respect here." And after that, she grabbed her things and left the I.T room.. Plus, we still had an hour and a half to go until the lesson finishes. She never came back either.

Now now, missy, Facebooking in class is bad, but yawning?

C'mon, that's almost like telling us not to breathe in your class. As I read from a scientific article (I have too much time in my hands), yawns come and go and you never know when they come or not. They usually come when we're still and calmed down. I'm sitting down right now, and I'm yawning as I type this blog. The whole class is sitting still and doing our best to keep quiet - of course we're going to yawn.

(Interestingly, scientists say that yawning helps the body get extra oxygen, but then I don't see atheletes yawn while the sprint across the field.)

In other words, yawning is as natural as farting and burping. It comes and goes, but not always. And it certainly doesn't mean that we're bored. It can't. Some of us might be tired. Some of us might be affected by that tired person's yawn.

What, you don't know? Yawns are contagious! If a person next to you yawns, most likely you'd yawn too. And that other person next to you yawns. And the next. And the next..

I'd tell that to her, but I'm merely a student. She could fail me if she wanted to - no matter how good my exam grades would be. Teachers with a grudge against students can fail them all, no matter how smart they are.

As for the Facebooking, I apologize for that. [sarcasm]It's just that I'm not risking letting my pets in Pet Society die. [/sarcasm]

- Niki

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