Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh dear..

I've neglected this blog. Left it for ten days. Someone slap me. D:

It probably because I was slacking. To other people, I say that I was busy trying to do my bird homework.. But instead I was really slacking.

Now I'm working my butt on it. And a monkey homework too.

No one told me that we had to draw four fucking monkeys! No one! Then I heard the teacher texted a person to spread the word about the homework, leaving me in despair. I know my 'friends' know my number. I know it very well. If they didn't, then they could have told me in Yahoo or MSN or even tell it to my face.

But no. Not a word. And on the day (yesterday) of handing in homeworks, the teacher asked me about my monkeys. No monkeys. :(

This sucks. My dad was right. There are no such things as friends in college. One goes seperate ways. There's no point in making friends anymore when you are all competing against each other or work in different stations.

No such thing. Ever. I even lost a good old friend, whom I had since highschool. Ever since college started, we became distant. It was awkward when we talked. He befriended other people.

I feel really left alone.. But who cares? No one. Me neither. I'll just work, work and work. I'll show their asses. I'll show them all..

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