Sunday, April 4, 2010

Those moments

There are those moments when I sometimes feel girly again. Sure, I'm a girl, but I'm not into dressing up and making myself look pretty. I'll be very truthful here: I'm an overweight teenager with the largest legal breast size an asian would have. The breast thing is as bad as my weight - I mean what the hell are they going to look like when I get pregnant?! Sunken little things they'll be for sure.

Back to being girly. I wouldn't call it girly, but there are times when I want to be in the kitchen. Whipping up sweet pastries like cookies and cupcakes and decorating them until they were fit for a little princess. I can imagine it already.. A vanilla cupcake base with a big fluffy swirl of vanilla buttercream (or whipcream), and a sprinkle of rainbow hundreds and thousands. Or a red velvet cupcake with smooth creamcheese icing and sprinkled with tiny red dots.

I love red velvet cake.

This feeling makes me want to take up a pastry baking course. Sadly, I'm stuck to being an animator - and there's no coming back. If I give up now, my one year of being a student would go to waste. Makes me want to cry...

Speaking of animation, I need to get back to my homework. I have to draw four different kinds of birds - all in color pencils! Oh the horror.. All due this friday, and my grades ride on it!

That pastry baking course doesn't sound like a bad idea after all.

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